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Our Mission

Our mission is to Seek and to Save
the Lost:
"For the Son of Man is Come to Seek and to Save that which was lost."
 Luke 19:10 

Hello! Your life is a gift from Heaven. It is a blessing to be alive. You are beautiful, beloved; wanted and important. Jesus made you for reason. Find out what that reason is in Christ.
Life can and is wonderful, and you have more to live for than you know! Please  allow the Holy Spirit to show you the meaning of life (Love) by shedding abroad the Love of God in your hearts (Romans 5:5) - teaching you how to live, forgive, love, and show love to others!
Jesus is TRUE love, and the source of real joy and happiness! You cannot find this in a person, so don't expect it!

Thank you for reading. Please help us spread the love of Jesus Christ to all in saving souls from entering into hell.
Donate Today.


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